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Social and environmental commitment Taming the Beast.net

Although we are a small business, we have appreciable reach and treat our commitment to environmental and social issues quite seriously. 

The Internet has been good to us and we are very pleased to be able to give back to the community that supports us wherever we can. We strive to operate in an environmentally and socially conscious manner and actively spread a message of the importance of a fairer, greener and more peaceful world.

The following are some of the organizations and initiatives my family and I are involved with; either directly through Taming the Beast.net, our other online projects or personally.

World Vision - child sponsorship. Our family sponsors three children and their families through this great organization. It is amazing what a difference a few dollars a week can make in the lives of people in developing countries
Trees for the Future - through our projects Green Living Tips.com and  Carbonify.com; we sponsor plantings of trees in Africa and other other developing countries.
Trees for Life Australia - member. A volunteer organization in South Australia that conserves, restores and protects native vegetation throughout the state. Michael recently spent a season as a grower as part of a revegetation project he was undertaking.

Friends of Onkaparinga Park - Provides assistance to the Department for Environment & Heritage in both the Onkaparinga River National Park and the Onkaparinga River Recreation Park. Michael is currently active with the group, monitoring and cleaning up local bushland
Kiva - if you think it's hard running a small business in the West; check out the hardships of entrepreneurs in developing countries. We're very proud to provide microloan funding to hard working small business owners in other parts of the world. View our Kiva lender profile
Through ThinkHost, Inc. some of our sites are powered by 100% renewable energy - wind and sun. ThinkHost is also a progressive principles based company that is very active in the community. Michael is currently ThinkHost's Business Development manager.
For other sites hosted on our semi-dedicated server, we offset the energy use by purchasing Green-e certified 90% wind, 10% solar tags from Bonneville Environmental Foundation.
Our office is powered by 100% green energy. AGL Green Energy electricity is sourced from environmentally friendly renewable sources such as solar, wind, landfill and biomass and is accredited under the Australian National GreenPower Accreditation program.
Our LPG gas supplies for heating water and cooking are obtained via Origin Energy's Green LPG Gas Program - the first program of its kind in Australia.
Taming the Beast is powered by fair trade certified coffee :) Coffee plays an important role in the development of Taming The Beast :). We only purchase Fair Trade Certified coffee products to help ensure that farmers are paid a fair price and the coffee is grown using sustainable methods.

The massive amount of information available via the Internet has driven the point home to us that the planet is in very deep trouble through war, global warming and environmental degradation.

As well as utilizing green electricity, as we operate from a home office very little fossil fuel is consumed in relation to our business. We minimize paper usage, use recycled paper, refill ink cartridges and recycle or compost wherever we can. Even one of the most crucial elements of the business, coffee, comes from fair trade sources :). 

Wherever possible, we work with suppliers and providers who share our progressive and environmental values.

These are all small actions and we fully realize we still have much to do, but if we all take such small steps, combined they have a great impact - so we warmly encourage everyone in small business to do what they can, where they can to help preserve our amazing planet for future generations!





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