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The best affiliate  networks.

Trying to sell unused ad space on your web site?

Finding the right clients for your advertising inventory is a major challenge for any web master!  There are so many advertising agencies and affiliate networks on the Internet being run by unscrupulous merchants. 

Recommended affiliate management software 
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Web master/site owner forums are littered with complaints from affiliates of problems with payments and the questionable business practices of some affiliate program providers. 

The other solution is to find advertisers on your own, but this can be an administrative nightmare, very time consuming and will really only benefit you financially if your site is generating many thousands of page views a day.

Our affiliate networks recommendations

We know how it is and have been stung on a couple of occasions, losing thousands of dollars in advertising revenue in the process.  Hundreds of hours have gone into tracking down and testing the best affiliate networks and advertising agencies around who will offer us the features, range, flexibility and promptness of payment and support we require.  Learn more about what constitutes a good affiliate network or program.

Taming the Beast.net is currently an affiliate of FastClick Ad Network, Offers Quest, CJ.com, ClickBank & FineClicks networks for a variety of sponsor programs which entirely finance this site (and running a site of this size is not cheap) - plus a little extra for us!  

I can personally recommend these affiliate networks - payment is prompt and all offer live statistics/sales tracking.  There are no set up fees to become an affiliate with any of these advertising agencies. You are paid on on a variety of levels - either clicks, impressions, leads or sales depending upon the program.  

About these affiliate networks

The FastClick Ad Network focuses on the delivery of banner ads and pop-unders.  Pop-unders provide excellent financial returns to web masters, and are nowhere near as annoying to site visitors as pop-ups, while still giving advertisers great exposure.  

The delivery technology that the FastClick Ad Network employs also means that your visitors will only be shown a pop-under once per visit.  You are given full control over which banner and pop-under ads you display and you also have the option of including your own inventory of advertisements. The company will also pay generous commissions on referred advertisers and other web masters.  Learn more about the FastClick Ad Network.

Offers Quest. - This affiliate network offers affiliates solid offers, excellent payouts, easy to use account administration, detailed statistics reporting, & real publisher support. We've been involved with Bill, Ron and the team for nearly 12 months now and this network has proved to be one of our best sources of income.

Just starting out in affiliate marketing?
Check out our affiliate marketing strategies
section for free tips, tutorials and guides!

Other reliable affiliate networks 

CJ.com (Commission Junction) offers affiliates (also known in the industry as 'publishers') over a thousand different advertisers to choose from in a variety of areas, plus commissions on referring advertisers and other web masters to their service.  

Their payment structures are excellent and real-time performance tracking and statistics are provided. CJ.com  not only offers banners, but their real strength lies in text links that can be easily integrated into the content of your site.  Text links are well known throughout the industry to provide excellent returns.

The FineClicks affiliate network is well suited to webmasters who offer freebies from their site. Most of the advertisers associated with FineClicks provide free gifts, prizes and subscriptions to your visitors as part of their campaign.

FineClicks offers a wide variety of banners, text links and newsletter/ezine links for your use. FineClicks are another quality agency who will pay commissions on any web masters or advertisers your refer to them.

ClickBank offers a huge range of text link advertising for your site.  Most of the advertisers associated with ClickBank sell information based products which are delivered online. Categories include Business to Business, Computing & Internet, Fun & Entertainment, Health & Fitness, Home & Family, Marketing & Advertising, Money & Employment, Society & Culture and Sports & Recreation. Commissions rates on sales are around 20 - 50 percent! This is another company who offers excellent payment schedules and real-time sales tracking. ClickBank is very popular with merchants for it's low set-up charges and free advertising through it's affiliate network. Merchants only pay on sales, hence the high commission payouts to affiliates.

If you have a site that generates a good deal of traffic, these programs can produce a generous income for your company and will actually generate traffic to your site.  Even low traffic sites can benefit from affiliation with these advertising agencies.

For further strategies, tips and hints in succeeding in as an affiliate; view our affiliate marketing strategies and tutorials section.

If you have any further questions regarding affiliate programs, I would be glad to assist.  Email me at michael@tamingthebeast.net

For Advertisers....

Looking to increase your market share?

The best affiliates and the finest service. Any of the companies mentioned above will provide your organization with an advertising suited to your needs whether it's banners, buttons, text links or media-rich exposure - at a cost lower than you may think!  CJ.com , FineClicks.com and the FastClick Ad Network pre-screen all affiliates (publishers) to ensure that your products and service will receive the best possible representation.  Affiliate sites are audited on a regular basis and cutting edge anti-fraud strategies are employed.

On a tight advertising budget?

Consider ClickBank if you are selling information based products which are delivered online. Merchant setup is under US$50, which also gives you the ability to process credit cards online using ClickBank as the third party processor. No monthly fees! You only pay commissions on sales and your products will gain exposure to thousands of affiliates at no cost to you! Imagine having an advertising network of thousands of sites and only paying on performance! Visit ClickBank today!

Advertising on Taming the Beast.net

With many thousands of visitors every week searching our site for information and great deals in relation to ecommerce, web development and cell phone services, Taming the Beast.net can give you great value for money for your advertising dollar - some options are free! For further details, pricing and statistics, please click here

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