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Our ecommerce, web development & internet marketing portfolio.

Welcome to the project portfolio page! Listed below is a very small sample of the ecommerce, web site design and Internet marketing consultancy services undertaken by Taming the Beast.

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If you would like to learn more of how Taming the Beast can increase your web site traffic, optimize your web pages for search engine positioning; or assist you in ecommerce development, please click here for our business profile page. 

International web consultants with global reach

Taming the Beast is Internet development consultancy based in Adelaide, Australia - but distance is no problem in developing web projects for our clients, wherever they may be located. 

Taming the Beast has efficiently and successfully carried out project and consultancy contracts in the UK and USA.  We also have alliances with web site developers and service providers in Europe, Israel, the Americas - in fact, everywhere! If it's highly specialized programming you require, we have access to the expertise!

Excelling in customer service!

Many references and testimonials from satisfied clients are available for your review should you require them and you can also read some feedback on Michael's articles and tools here.  Taming the Beast is a progressive Internet business,  never losing our personal touch. 

We take the time to understand what you really need and want in an online representation or Internet Marketing campaign.  Michael's experience has been gained in the field over a number of years - he's been working with online services since the early 1990's. Taming the Beast.net's success and recognition is indicative of the skills and quality work he will dedicate himself to providing for your ebusiness!

Free ecommerce advice or tailored ebusiness solutions

If you are looking for free web site development advice, internet marketing solutions, search engine optimization tutorials or ecommerce assistance, please take the time to review this site - just about everything is free! For personalized Internet development services, enquire today by clicking here. We provide no obligation quotes and our consultant rates are very competitive!

2010 - current - Domain Registration


Domain Registration - Australian Domain Names Registrar

DomainRegistration.com.au  - one of Australia's longest established international and Australian  domain names registration and web hosting services. Michael is involved with online marketing activities for the site.  Also recently launched for the company is a special offers site - get a free domain name.


2008 - current - Feed In Tariff Petition


Feed In Tariff.com.au

FeedInTariff.com.au  - is a public service initiative from Energy Matters to raise awareness of the need of a solar feed in tariff in Australia and to encourage the Australian government to implement such a program through the petition on the site. Michael has been involved with the design, development and ongoing promotion of the petition. 


2008 - current - Energy Matters


Energy Matters - Solar and Wind power equipment

Energy Matters - is Australia's leading renewable energy store, offering a wide range of solar and wind power products - panels, turbines, deep cycle batteries and so much more; everything for off grid and grid connect systems at discount prices. Michael is working with Energy Matters on online marketing and web development projects.


2007 - 2008. EcoSpace.cc



EcoSpace - A project developed for ThinkHost. Michael created the original design & much of the integration work for the service. Michael was also a content contributor and administrator for the site. EcoSpace is a community driven, user-generated content site with an environmental theme. 

2007 - 2008 Site Builder


Site Builder - ThinkHost

Site Builder - A ThinkHost project. Michael designed and optimized all elements of this brochure site and was responsible for content development. Site Builder is a point and click online web site building application and hosting package.

2007 - current. Carbonify


Carbonify - global warming and carbon offsets

Carbonify - One of Michael's personal projects, Carbonify was launched in late April 2007 and seeks to provide information and resources on global warming related climate change, green tags and carbon offsets. All aspects of design and content created by Michael.

2006 - current. Green Living Tips


Green living tips - powered by renewable energy

Green Living Tips - Launched late November 2006. One of our own projects, Green Living Tips aims to provide earth friendly advice for a greener planet. It contains tips on reducing costs, consumption & impact on the environment. The site seeks to involve others in contributing & building on tips, news & product info

2006 - 2008. CommunityMail - green email


CommunityMail.net is a free email service powered by renewable energy - wind and sun. Michael currently oversaw administration of the service and site, creation of promotional materials & development of site content. Michael negotiated a partnership with The Sundance Channel for CommunityMail to power Sundance's free email service.

2001 - 2008. ThinkHost - Web site hosting

ThinkHost is one of the world's leading earth friendly web site hosting solutions provider based in Portland, Oregon. Michael started contracting to ThinkHost in 2001 and became the company's Business Development Manager, responsible for marketing, partnerships, content development, environmental and community outreach programmes.

2001-05 -Mac's Beachfront Villas -South Australia

The Mac's Beachfront Villas required more than just an online brochure, but a web site that would inform people of this beautiful section of the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. The aim was to attract visitors from all over the world. Our client also required that we maintain and promote their online representation. 

The Mac's vision has paid off and they now receive bookings from Australia, the UK, the USA and Asia - all this within two months of us launching and promoting the site utilizing our home-grown and successful Internet marketing strategies! This site ranks well in a number of engines due to our special search engine marketing techniques!

We also recently assisted the Mac's with the concept, content editing and layout of a submission to the South Australian Tourism Awards. Competition was fierce and the Mac's emerged with an "Award of Distinction". Judges viewed not just the submission, but the web site as being of excellent quality, positively promoting the area as well as the business.

The Mac's Beachfront Villas new web site.  The Mac's provide luxury villa style accommodation in Wallaroo - part of the beautiful Yorke Peninsula in South Australia and only 2 hours easy drive from Adelaide!
Placeholder site screenshot - click here
Full site screenshot - click here

2003 - Off Grid Appliances.com - Alaska, USA

OffGridAppliances.com was a full ecommerce project requiring components that would allow for the drop shipping of appliances to anywhere in the world.

Visit Off Grid Appliances.com
Web site screenshot -click here

2003 - Sea & City - Australian Real Estate

A highly successful real estate agency in Adelaide.  Sea and City Real Estate pride themselves on unique tailored solutions using very client-focused approaches.  

Visit Sea and City Real Estate - Adlaide, Australia

2001 - Workskil, Adelaide - South Australia

Workskil is one of South Australia's leading providers of employment services. The site was designed to need little maintenance & be easily edited by Workskil's staff using FrontPage 2000. It is compatible with all IE/NS versions 4+. 

Only a month after redevelopment and initial promotion, Workskil experienced triple the targeted web site traffic over the previous representation, and a few months later over 5 times the web site traffic - without any further code optimization! Search engine optimization strategies are one of our specialties!
Workskil Screenshot
Web site screenshot - click here

2002 - Polarity Pulsar - Adelaide, South Australia

The Polarity Pulsar is a unique polarity testing unit for electricians and was developed in Adelaide, South Australia. The inventor of this testing equipment, Gary Power, is an electrician with three decades of experience in the electrical industry. 

Gary wanted to promote his fine product to a geographically dispersed market and what better way than with a web site!  The Polarity Pulsar web site also contains some basic ecommerce elements and automated product information sheet delivery. 

Visit the Polarity Pulsar web site. Unique polarity testing equipment invented in Adelaide, Australia!
Web site screenshot -click here

Thinking of getting into ecommerce? It doesn't have to be an expensive or complicated process - as Gary can attest to!  Total development time for this ecommerce enabled site was under a week! 

All Points Logistics - Adelaide, South Australia. 

Established nearly thirty years ago, All Points Logistics specializes in the relocation and precise positioning of oversize, overdimensional and indivisible objects.  All Points is also South Australia's leading Work Zone Traffic Management company. 

South Australia's leading heavy transport, work zone traffic management and cranes services company
View web site screenshot

Also launched for the All Points company is their new project - Aegis Communications. Aegis specializes in traditional and wireless networking services for residential and corporate clients in Adelaide and throughout South Australia. 

view web site screenshot

Better Business Tools - Adelaide South Australia

Better Business tools offers quality business management-development tools, training resources & career skills packages for individuals, small business, managers and organizations. Download free sample learning tools!

..We're proud of our clients...

We admire the dreams and vision of all our clients and do whatever we can to make their dreams real, balancing our enthusiasm for their project with our expert knowledge gained over years of e-business, e-commerce and Internet marketing experience. Let us share your dream and make it a reality - contact us today!

Apart from our primary presence, Taming the Beast.net, we also have a number of other sites that act as our testing grounds or as community services. The following is a summary of a few of those sites:

Great Wall Owners Forum - Australia's first online owner community dedicated to Great Wall Motors 4x4 and 4x2 vehicles.

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