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Taming the Beast's Advertising opportunities for merchants

Award winning Taming the Beast.net enjoys popularity in many countries; notably Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. We currently generate around 20,000 page views per day - an excellent opportunity for quality advertising exposure for your business!  We won't load down our pages with banners to ensure that what is on the page gets noticed and your banners will be rotated regularly.

We only work with a limited number of advertising customers to ensure we maintain our quality personal service! Learn more about the people behind Taming the Beast.net by clicking here

Our visitors are primarily

  • Web developers searching for tutorials, tools and content.
  • Site owners wanting web marketing and ecommerce solutions.
  • Persons searching for training and tutorials in software.
  • Computer hardware purchasers and persons searching for hardware support.
  • Cell phone buyers and users.

Economical and Effective!

In consultation with you, we can develop an advertising campaign to suit your needs. We are especially interested in revenue share arrangements with merchants promoting compatible products.

Some recent advertiser stats

In a CPM campaign we are currently running for a software product, we are achieving the following returns for our clients

Clickthroughs Clickthrough %
54,393 1,817  3.34%

The industry average for banner click-throughs is only around 0.5 - 1%!

In another recent campaign, we have sent our client over 30,000 clickthroughs in 3 months!

If you have the product or service - we definitely have the customers!!

Ad Campaign statistics

If you choose a banner campaign, you will have access to our advertisers area where you can monitor your campaign performance - access is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.  Text link activity can also be sent to you via email on a weekly basis.

Ad prices

Our prices are based on your needs and requirements. For example, we can "zone" your banners to only appear to visitors in certain sections, or display them site-wide. Our prices start at 

  • $US 50.00 per month for text ads, or
  • $US 200.00 per month for zoned menu buttons, or
  • $US 0.20 per click, or 
  • $US 10.00 per thousand banner views. 
  • We are also interested in revenue share arrangements 

There are a variety of ways we can market your goods and services to ensure you get the most from your advertising dollar - Contact us today, before your competitors do!

Our promotion and development services also include:

  • Banner and button development (4 of our banners recently won a design competition with a large communications company)
  • Press releases and promotional articles
  • Search engine optimization for your site with proven results -learn more
  • Site development and other ecommerce services - learn more


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